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Publicity For Women Worldwide

Clients Will Receive

* Prepare your pitch sheet to send out on your behalf * 50 people places producers etc see your pitch weekly that are within your target markets which is 200 monthly * monthly spreadsheet report telling you where you were pitched the month prior please remember this will not include any contact information of producers, hosts,editors etc * track emails sent on your behalf and follow ups with warm leads * social media - what to say, when to say it. how to get new followers * help with website - tell you what producers etc are looking for specifically on your site to help you get booked interviews ( NOTE: build website or redo websites are extra price) * help with interview - we will form a 10 question sheet to send to producers, hosts etc to help with interview. this gives you confidence and direction of interview * how to do a newsletter and set it up on your website * how to start an online coaching service * how to start an online radio program * how to use past media interviews to leverage to next markets * how to turn interviews into money * how to not only attract people to your website but have them make purchases from you * help with book signings * help to set up events online or off line for retreats or VIP days * brand you if you are not already branded

PR Bootcamp Class

Class includes: * How to write a pitch sheet * How to write a press release * When to send pitch sheet vs press release * Who to contact for interviews * How to find contacts * Free media databases to use * Paid media databases to use * Connect with media on social media * Follow up on leads * How to track leads * How to gather links of media to use in pitch sheets * Make media page for your website * What producers and editors are looking for in specific from your website * Welcome video * Marketing how to * Number of send outs per week * Your time and energy * When to hire a publcist

Own A PR Firm

Class Includes: * Clients - where to find them * Clients - how to bring them on board * Clients - the follow ups * Clients - referrals * Clients - testimonies * Clients - references * Contracts - offer more than one option * Contracts - what to include * Media Databases - free and paid * Trackers for pitches through email * Social media roles * Working with other PR firms and freelancers * Income Taxes * Free phone consultations * Business websites * Email Marketing * Circle of 10 * Your own niche - women/men only fashion music art

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