Are YOU tired of watching your competitors on talk shows like Steve Harvey, Today Show and many others? Let me help you! Become an INSTANT EXPERT .With my years of experience in media we can make you the next expert that media is looking for . Simply click on the button below and let's chat ! Be Featured On TV, Radio, & Speaking Events We Are The REAL DEAL !!! Let's shoot for the stars....


Client Benefits

Client Benefits

My Client Benefits Are:





Service based business owners

Spiritual leaders


Health care professionals




*Joining hundreds of past clients who leaped into the spotlight

* Prepare your pitch sheet to send out on your behalf

* 50 people places producers etc see your pitch weekly that are within your target markets which is 200 monthly

* Monthly spreadsheet report telling you where you were pitched the month prior please remember this will not include any contact information of producers, hosts,editors etc

* Track emails sent on your behalf and follow ups with warm leads

* Social media - what to say, when to say it. how to get new followers

* Help with website - tell you what producers etc are looking for specifically on your site to help you get booked interviews ( NOTE: build website or redo websites are extra price)

* Help with interview - we will form a 10 question sheet to send to producers, hosts etc to help with interview. this gives you confidence and direction of interview

* How to do a newsletter and set it up on your website

* How to start an online coaching service

* How to start an online radio program

* How to use past media interviews to leverage to next markets

* How to turn interviews into money

* How to not only attract people to your website but have them make purchases from you

* Help with book signings

* Help to set up events online or off line for retreats or VIP days

* Brand you if you are not already branded * Use a proven success system

Want To Do Your Own PR? Class

Want To Do Your Own PR? Class

Looking to try PR on your own? Would like to know how? Get your one on one PR Bootcamp and learn all of the following

Ready to sign up? Click on The pictureabove!

Class includes:

* How to write a pitch sheet

* How to write a press release

* When to send pitch sheet vs press release

* Who to contact for interviews

* How to find contacts

* Free media databases to use

* Paid media databases to use

* Connect with media on social media

* Follow up on leads

* How to track leads

* How to gather links of media to use in pitch sheets

* Make media page for your website

* What producers and editors are looking for in specific from your website

* Welcome video

* Marketing how to

* Number of send outs per week

* Your time and energy

* When to hire a publicist

* Less misquoting.

* Camera friendly - what to expect

* When is best time to get media attention

* When to hire a Publicist

Media Training

Media Training

Who Needs Media Training? Everyone!

Get One on One training from Deb Bailey herself. Ready to get started? Simply click on the picture above.

Media training is something that everyone needs and can learn no matter the level of past interviews. Even beginners.

Journalists, show hosts and producers in all markets are currently looking for interesting stories and experts in all fields.

When you make yourself available for commentary in the media, you are positioning yourself and your business in a powerful way so people take notice of what you have to say.

Class Benefits Include: * How to build your confidence to make you the expert you are!

* Learn how to speak so people take notice

* Define your message

* Develop prepared questions for your interviews

* You are in control of your interviews

Some common challenges publicity can help you with:

* Expert that YOU are

* Marketing your book product or service

* Reaching outside your local area

* Build your confidence

A successful campaign requires strategy, direction, and focus. We identify and analyze short and long term goals, as well as examine where the organization stands right now.

This allows us to take a holistic approach to a client's needs, and it enables us to determine the most effective path forward, which includes:

Strategic Positioning

Target Marketing

Pitch Sheet Perfection

Book Signing Events

Speaking Engagements

Much More



We Know What People Are Searching For Our teams are avid explorers and users of both popular and emerging social media platforms. Power YOU Media understands how to create and execute digital programs that build brand following, increase sales, search rankings and more. Our clients laud our ability to turn online traffic into market share We are story tellers - and use all forms of media to communicate our clients’ messages.


Staff of Power YOU Media
Deb Bailey

Deb Bailey

CEO Power YOU Media

An assertive and resourceful freelance publicist. A professional with years of experience in media. My experience encompasses PR, Promotion, Advertising, Branding , Social Media etc. Email marketing to planners, advisors, associations and more.

NFIB is America


Meet Deb Bailey CEO


An assertive and resourceful freelance publicist. A professional with years of experience in media. My experience encompasses PR, Promotion, Advertising, Branding , Social Media etc. Email marketing to planners, advisors, associations and more. PAST: Long-time advocate for women, Deb Bailey is the founder of Power You Media Helping women worldwide with media exposure needs. In the past she started Power Women Magazine, Radio and TV Shows where she served as the editor, producer & publisher. 2012 She began Women of Power Next Door TV Show and in 2013 came Power You Media. In late-2008, Bailey saw the need for a medium for women worldwide to connect & learn from one another. Bailey then left her job as a recruiter & began promoting her magazine & radio show full time in January 2009. It is Bailey’s dream to pave the way for women to excel in whatever their dreams may be. Bailey – a long-time advocate for giving a voice to women who don’t have one – has been a community leader for more than two decades. Prior to her job as a recruiter, Bailey was a minister at a women’s prison helping women in prison facing no parole or the death penalty. She has also raised thousands of dollars to send cards and bibles to women serving in the military overseas. Understanding first hand the impact of rape and domestic violence as well as a cancer survivor, Bailey’s life work has been to put women first. Her career in journalism started back in high school when she wrote for her school newspaper. Since then, she has gone on to interview Tova Borgnine, Kim Wayans, Kathy Kinney, Jane Velez-MItchell, Katherine Schwartzenegger and more. Topics range from Rape, Domestic Violence, Marriage, Work, Children, Divorce, Cooking, etc. With thousands or radio and TV shows done. Bailey is a mother of 2 and grandmother of three. She resides in Hot Spring, AR

Personal Info


We have worked with Deb Bailey and Power YOU Media for the last 5 years and can always count on great guests for our shows! She has been a show saver many times with last minute replacements.. Thanks Deb for all you do

Love Mother Love and Kennedy

Mother Love Show

Mother Love Show

Radio Show Host
Deb Bailey is a press agent that delivers great results. However, I recommend some research before hiring a press agent. Why? Because my experience with Deb is that she is a high speed action-oriented get results kind of PR person. It can be hard to keep up! Have fun and enjoy the ride. Thank you Deb. I appreciate how much you helped me get the word out about my published book, "Hope for the Honey Bee." Many blessings. Catherine Garvin
Catherine Garvin

Catherine Garvin

Author Honey Bee Whisperer
Deb is really great to work with! She's very professional, laced with a fantastic sense of humor, AND she is getting me exposure for my books.
Joyce Fields

Joyce Fields

Author of Good Short Books
Deb is high energy, creative and very professional. She is also very personable and dedicated. I am looking forward to working with her more in the future.
Elaine Mellon

Elaine Mellon

Author of Unreal Education
I highly recommend Deb her rates are very reasonable, as she is also a small business entrepreneur - and PR person... Thank you Deb for your assistance and help!
Judy Musgrve

Judy Musgrve

Social Media Manager
Deb Bailey is one of the most professional and inspirational people I know. Working with her was such a positive experience as she is truly an individual of strength and grace. She is a woman that knows what she wants and knows how to get it. A high producer in the midst of any storm she comes out on top shining and ready for the next project. She is an asset to anyone and is always will to help you be the best that you can be.
Renita Verner

Renita Verner

President/Founder of Autism Advocates in Action SG
Just had a great consult with PR Publicist, Deb Jones Bailey! If you're ready to get your message out to a bigger audience via radio and other media, she's who you want to talk with!
Hope Tackleberry

Hope Tackleberry

Life Coach
Deb is the real deal. I have had more media exposure in the last 6 months working with her than all others combined. I appreciate her hard work.
Missy Anderson

Missy Anderson



I would love to chat ladies!!